Different stories

 When a girl likes a guy,

and when the girl waits for far too long

she will eventually ask him.

 Every couple or relationship

has different stories.

 I've only ever had two relationships with guys

that weren't my brothers.

 The first I honestly wouldn't count as a

boyfriend girlfriend relationship, because in the end, it was a dare

and it lasted one day.

 But the second lasted at least 4 hours, but I would count that as a

boyfriend girlfriend relationship, because it wasn't a dare, and I honestly felt


 But I cried for the first and not the second,

and I only cried for the first because I knew for a fact that it was over,

when he lead me to believe so much in 24 hours.

 But I couldn't cry for the second,

because I didn't actually feel mad or sad

I was just confused.

 I was confused because he said that he wasn't safe

that he couldn't joke around

because I could get mad and fuck everything up.

fuck up the friendship that we had.

 We stayed friends, and when he told me straight through that screen

that "friends would be best"

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little heartbroken.

 But with time we'll have that same relationship.

the friend kind.

 Two of my stories not even remotely the same

both ending under different circumstances.

Both of these are my

different stories.


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