Different is the New Cool

As a child,

she hated children.

They were immature, mucky creatures.

One hand up noses another in dirt?

No thank you.

The only time she would make an exception

A time for deep thought conception,

A time to break this rule of thumb,

An adventure to the park to bask in the sun

The sun was warm, friendly, accepting,

Always glowing, never rejecting

How could she refuse such an offer?

The other children devoured her wisdom

Her knowledge about the solar system

The park was her comfort zone

A place she loved, a place of her own.



The surrounding bugs were not her foes,

As she allowed them to wriggle and crawl between her toes

Infatuated she was as she became part of their world

Opposite of the stereotype is this little girl.



Easy Bake ovens,

Abnormally she chose


Tree climbing,

And butterfly chasing.

At school she felt she never fit in,

The park was the only place she could be with her true friends.

Her mom was always a bit worried

She could never pinpoint her emotions they always varied.

She appreciated her little girl was different

But at the same time, she didn’t.

Never truly accepting why her daughter didn't fit in

She could never relate to what she had interest in.

These thoughts are what rolled through her head

As she sat on the park bench and stared ahead.

Giggling, smiling, enjoying the sun

She watched her daughter having blissful fun.


Apprehensive of the setting sun

The reality being the day was nearly done.

The mere thought of leaving the place,

Presented a panic stricken look on her face.

How had the day managed to slip away?

The little girl bitter and exhausted

Was lifted from the ground by her mom with caution.

Knowing that this would ruin the fun

The mom knew it would pay off in the long run.

Slipping her into the car

And shutting the door,

The girl pleaded to stay once more.

The magical place known as the park

Soon was no longer visible due to the dark.

The mom was content never understanding why

That a day at the park,

Brought more happiness to the little girl that money could never buy.

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