A Different Kind of Love Story

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 15:59 -- dinsern

At the end of each day, my parents kissed me goodnight and put me to bed.

No matter what had happened that day, "I love you" were their last words said.

As I got older, things became somewhat difficult and increasingly tough.

I wanted to rebel because I thought what I had was never going to be enough.

It wasn't until I moved away to college that I realized I've always had it all.

Meaning the people who brought me into this world could still show they loved me with a simple phone call.

Now I can proudly say there's nothing I look forward coming home to more.

Because I know they'll be standing there waiting to greet me at our front door. 

It isn't shoes, clothes, or even an abundance of money that makes me the most happy.

It's my family of four that does-- I don't even care if that sounds really sappy. 

No matter what I do or where I want to go in life, I know I'll have their unconditional love.

They really are the best I could ever ask for and nothing short of. 


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