A Different Black

Black people

There are only two words that I could think

Gangs, Traditional, Rappers, Hip-hop, R&B, and basketball players 

There are different groups that they are

And there are different things that they like

Except me


I would like to ask you,

Am I a boy who is the hip hop type

A boy who has R&B taste

A boy who is part of the gangs

A traditional boy

A boy who is a rapper

A boy who is a basketball player


The answer is

This is not me

This is different

A boy who is a black sheep of the community

A boy who loves arts

A boy who is on the right side of the brain


I became the victim of their melancholic shadows

That is consuming me

Like there are ghosts

That haunts me


As I roamed in the shadows

I started to question myself,  

“Is different a good word?

Or is it just a metaphor?”


Until I stopped with an answer,

“Maybe I am just a myth

Maybe I am alone

Maybe I am just a different boy

A different black."


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