Dies' away night(fear of night)

Mon, 07/24/2017 - 02:17 -- Enuose

The day is gone
The night is near
But the day is done
With me,o with me

Fear comes into my heart
I find it hard to sleep.

O,dieing night,
Dieing night is crying
Dieing night is sobbing
Dieing night is wailing
Dieing night is weeping

Why are you crying with no-reason?
What have the day done to you?
Yesterday you wept surprising
Today you are sobbing despairing

When are you going to make a relief sound?
How long will it be?

O,dieing night
O,dieing night

What should be done
Children and women
Praying for your end

Why some enjoy the night
My friendly night
Whimper and cry as long as you can
The day will surely come


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