Died By Love: Broken Heart


Died By Love: Broken Heart


He fought through and through

Whether it was the war or the hard struggle of love

Dyed his hands in red thought to be pink,

His love so great he died paying the price

Trying to impress a girl that looked sweet

Until his dying day he watched the green light sway

Now he is dead nothing’s changed

Only one remains, a true friend

Or the father who held his hand

No one sees and no one does stop the cries of the public’s eyes

Not even his love cries at the agony of his broken heart

But now even he is broken

Dead, Cold, and Pale

What good did it do you young man?

Wealth and fame taken away

Pain and Suffering stayed

Nothing can be done now

Your mistakes can’t be changed

Young, Kind, Pure hearted love

That brought you disaster

Now you’re done


Myunique Johnson

January 2015


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