Die Young

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 05:24 -- DLee21


They die young because they live fast running away from the past at a fast pace ending up in last place chasing the all mighty dollar to reach the top, knowing but not knowing one day there’s a stopping point of no return but yet the lessons never learned. See its worst at that there’s no more white against black its black against black and that whack, you got your boys out here watching your back but forget that, those are some of the same ones that will stab you in your back. Now that’s sad honestly it makes me mad, just stop and think about all the crime we have, You have family and friends dying we all out here crying inside and out due to crime, but I wish it was back then from time to time, I close my eyes and see the way it used to be even though it’s not but I’m a dreamer dreaming a dream that can’t be stopped I’m on the way to the top to reach my prime, no time for games I got to stay on my grind, because you can’t compare yours to mine. see I work form mine in a honest way and it feels good to work hard day by day, I can hear my mom say “make that money”, you laughing but its not funny I get money now where yours at?  Stop robbing the ones that actually have your back because paybacks a bitch more like karma. I’m a real man to time for the drama and I’m going to keep it real with you until I D.I.E. in this world or the next we will live free.

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