Die if you must.

Tue, 12/02/2014 - 12:34 -- KCART


You said you’re in love and you can’t live without me.

You said I destroyed it all in a matter of seconds, effortlessly.

You said I was your night, morn, and noon.

You said we would get married soon.

You said that I was the one from the start.

You said I would always possess your heart.

You said that love was a tragic pleasure.

You said that I was your everything, which no one could ever measure.


You’ve watched me weep my last tear.

You are the one that created my sense of fear.

You said I was your all and you would do anything to be here.

But, I will be long gone if you ever decided to appear.

Appear in my heart, mind, and soul.

Appear in the future when I accept my role.



My body will be present, but my mind out of range.

You will be hoping that somehow, somewhere, I would search for change.

Change in my heart, my mind, my attitude.

Change in the fear, the faith, the gratitude.

But, my feelings will be long gone from here.

And you’ll be wishing that back then, right there, you would’ve cherished a year.


So, DIE if you must my hopeless faith.

I’ve made up my mind, no time to wait.

You were someone, somebody, that cold summer day.

But now you’re just, that guy, that lesson, that harmless ray.

As I ponder about the times that we shared,

I realized I’m better off now not being that individual that cared.

No love lost, gained, destroyed, or built.

No memories, lies, questions, or guilt.

So Die if you must my dear Friend!

I’ll be here to cheer you on in the end.


Remember, that there is more to life that luxury and fame.

That when you dangle feelings, you challenge the most dangerous game.

Die now or later, today or tomorrow.

I dare NOT to dread in your sorrow.

Our special is DEAD, our games played out.

Our dreams DESTROYED, our time ran out.

So DIE….

Die slowly and painful..

Dry quick and cold…

You’re nothing more than a greasy package of mold.


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