Did Your Parents Buy that For You?

I really like your backpack,

Did your parents buy you a new one for this year? 

No, actually, this is the same backpack I had last school year.


Oh, well how about those...

Did your parents buy those airpods for you?

No, actually, I bought them myself. 

Oh, so you did chores around the house to buy them? 

No, actually, I worked to buy them. I babysat my neighbors all summer.


All summer? 

Didn’t you go to Disney? Or the Bahamas? 

No, actually, I didn’t.

Oh, wait I got it! Lemme guess, you went on a cruise this summer? 

No, actually, I didn’t go there or there or on that cruise. 


What’s in your mug? 

Oh wait! Lemme guess, it’s Starbucks?

No, I actually don’t like coffee. It’s tea because my throat was itching me this morning. 


No, I don't like golf. 

Yes, I can tolerate spicy foods. 

No, I don’t like the fall.

Yes, I used to believe in the tooth fairy. You did too. 


Your phone looks so new,

Did your parents buy you a new one after you broke your other one?

No, actually this is the same phone I've had for 2 years. I just take care of it. 


No, my mom wasn’t the president of the PTO. 

Yes, my sister is a vegan.

No, my dad isn’t the CEO of that big company down the street. 


I like your outfit today,

Did your parents buy that for you for Christmas?

Before you ask me anything else, do you want to know my name? 

And yes,

Yes, they did.


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