Did you ever imagine…?

Did you ever imagine

That luminous smile you wear around lips,

Consummate charm and glow on face –

As if you have been in samadhi for Ages,

As if you are an angel-philosopher –

The lone, knowing the Universe

In its completeness?


Did you ever imagine

That the snow-clad Himalayas

Spell their charm on Earth

But you even charm the Himalayas

To their utter pride

Greenery, springs, falls, rivers –

All in nature sustain for you

To have you happy, hilarious, joyful and content?


Did you ever imagine

That even the prettiest fairies

Narrate your living tales

To their kids,

Even the gods in the sky

Have fixed their gaze on you? ­­


Did you ever imagine

That such beautiful and beatific eyes

Have never been in existence before

Such peace-splashing looks

Could be worn by you only

The Earth reigns over the Cosmos

With a substance of her Evolution

And the Evolution presents you

As its revolution?


Did you ever imagine

That Evolution has prompted me

And my inner self has directed me

To discover the greatest creation of the Cosmos

And I discovered you –

The Evolution’s proudest achievement –

The Evolution brought its climax beauty

In your human form

And it concealed from all

But not from me,

And I revealed the mystery of Evolution? 

                                                - Vir Singh

This poem is about: 
Our world


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