Did we Deserve This?

Some believe everything's planned,

that we have no choice,

and we get what we deserve,

so does my friend deserve to be motherless,

does my mother deserve to be married to someone heartless,

does my step mom deserve being kicked out of her house by her father and all of her things destroyed,

do I deserve this broken soul,

well do I?

Things happen that we can't control,

but it doesn't meen we deserve it,

my brother didn't deserve to not know his father until he was 11,

I didn't deserve how people treated me,

my dad didn't deserve being worried his father would fire him,


we didn't deserve it,

not any of it,

but it happened,

so we grow,

we must get stronger,

we must learn,

put the past behind us,

and move on,

but never tell me these people or anyone deserved it,

anything bad that happened,

no one deserves that,

no one.


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