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United States
42° 1' 33.8304" N, 87° 43' 37.6032" W

Bitch: a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman-

Sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse.

And I’ve got the word bitch etched into my heart,

Because once it entered my eardrum,

It never left my system.

Depression: a state of feeling sad;

A psychoneurotic or psychotic disorder

Marked especially by sadness.

I found out when I was 13

And from then on I never wanted to face it,

But instead drown it in my writing.

Slut: a promiscuous woman.

But ever since he hurt me,

At least mentally,

Slut was on my mind.

Because he touched me.

And I was scared to stick up for myself.

Provoke: to stir up, arouse, or call forth.

Apparently my clothing; my ignorance

“Provoked” him.

But why must I

Be the one

With these definitions

Outlined in my scars?

Because I'm a walking dictionary.


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