Diary of a Hurt Black Woman

Searching for better in me while I find my identity 

Looking for better for me because I deserve all I receive 

I deserve the negative shit because it opens my eyes to better shit 

& I deserve the positive things because I feed off in order to gain 


Pain, I've had enough of it 

I can write a book on all the pain I was suffering 

Take a look get a glance of my battles 

Because if I settled I'd be less of a woman 

Giving up takes the best of these woman 


Choosing love over your life cause that boy you was loving was your life 

You gave him your heart & he only gave you a slice 

He was with you by day & another at night 

He was saying he loves you with his fingers crossed tight 


He took your virgintiy, he took your identity 

He took you to a place of serenity, then snatched it from you like you was the enemy 


You believed in him, gave up dreams for him 

Held him while he was crying & even listened when he was lying 

Pleading & crying, asking God why the hell am I still trying 

I could be loving me but instead I'm in love with a liar

I did everything right why it feel like I'm standing too close to the fire 


He said he'd never leave and he didn't 

He just went to visit other women 

Shit was so different 

Even when you kissed you felt the distance 

Coward ass nigga, he ain't have no feelings 

Wasn't real from the beginning


You can't make him love you, he gotta be willing

Some of these niggas don't know about sacrifice

You give him the world, you'd probably give him your life

Even when he ungrateful you don't dare blink twice

You give him the benefit of the doubt while your relationship loses life  


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