Diamonds Crushed

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 16:14 -- Mnallen

Who can see

who can be

this amazing beauty

This sight to glee

for generation we


reality can destroy

like toddler toy

broken and deploy

less of joy


rivers travel down

my wounded spine

i cannot be

tamed with this

sweet love of

mine, and my

good heart made

of the purest 

diamonds and gold

only to be 

so crushed by

the awakening reality

the broken diamonds

scrape my spine 

break my bones

tear every nerve

every ligament and

kill my chance

of wanting to 

ever survive in

this scary world

we live in

we just live

day by day

goes by and 

makes us more

used to it

makes us more

used to pain

we become content

and forget what

is really important

i write as 

i have pain 

in my back

about diamonds, gold

when in "reality"

it is my

wounded, destroyed, soul

crushed by reality

because i have

had a broken

and bruised heart

with pins, needles

and some thread

i try to 

fix this mess

in my bed

in my head 

where i rest

to believe it 

is safe and

so so secure

it is not

i've grown up

and realize it 

is all a 

long long lie

we will all

some day die

and we will

never live this

same day again

reality crushes us

all in different

ways that still

feel like diamonds

and gold destroying

your will to 

ever see daylight

again you go 

live your day

but just know

you are better...

than what ever

you've been through...

diamonds and gold.

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