Di Drop

From mi born, mi a climb tree

Mi first tree was a mango tree

Then mi try di coconut

But di climb was great.


The fruits of this palm tree

Mi mind have mi thinking

Da tree yah have bread, Wah can do

wine, oil, and milk, so much

a come from this yah one tree?


a little man seh, dem bore a hole

inna di heart and call it palmito

da liquor deh resembles white tart

mi eat a cane and a watch di tree

inna di evening, put a bamboo, to di tree

mi a climb as day break! Di climb look great.

husk green, thicker than two a mi finger’s

Under that husk is a hard shell

thicker than a walnut shell


thinking about what’s under that shell.

white marrowy substance, put mi finger in

drinking this fresh, with fish and bread

taste like almond, di natives make oil

we from West Africa, with a climb nature.


mi next climb was di ackee tree, a prominent food

di national fruit of mi Yaad Jamaica

they talk about di ackee and saltfish

mi needed this climb, a climb to remember!

mi standing under di tree, looking

Ackee pods, close, waiting for ripen

mom bring home saltfish, mi can’t wait

‘cleaned and washed’ mi mom said after pickings.

Ackee pods open, crocusbag ready

Girl to impress coming, start mi climb

Di climb a success, mi at di top


Girls impress, mi happy, time fi pickings

Start mi pickings, ackee get drop inna-

Crocusbag settings. bag a get full

Out on the limb, still picking

mi excited about this national dish.

everyone watching, I’m going to get her

she looks at me smiling, something moved

oh shit, limb broke, mi falling

can’t grab nothing, mi dropping, not good

di main road caught mi, knocked out.


I’m at a beautiful place, entrance await

di setting look nice, can’t wait to get in

doorman hand in me chest, no access

too early youth, come back when you old

what happen mi ask; di drop happen youth.

The End


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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