Everyone wants to be a gem,

They yearn to become

Their ideal cut.


Diamonds, rubies,

Emeralds, opals,

All beautiful gems.


Most of us aren’t born gems,

Some have to be shaved,

Cut and sanded


Before we even resemble

Any type of ideal beauty.

We say the pain is worth it,


But is the pain, really

Worth the ideal beauty?

To be, just like everyone?


We lose the one of a kind

Sentimentality that gems

Proudly carry with them.


We diminish our sparkle

Amongst the many,

That catch, the light like ours.


So, why waste our time

Trying to sparkle and

Look like many around?


Why not appreciate

That some of us aren’t

Born diamonds?


How about love that

We still capture the light

And make it sparkle


All on our own without

The cutting and shaving

For the, Worth-it beauty?


Because we are Dew,

Budding during the

Darkest times


And blossoming in

The full brightness

Of the sun, sparkling.


We are gems of

A different kind.

One that does not


Need to be cut

Nor be shaved

For beauty,


But one that grows

Even when no one sees

Or no one cares.


We are the quiet

Gems that are

Hidden in plain sight,


And when someone

Finally notices,

They are awed


By our sparkle

And our beauty.

Because we are Dew.



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