Devil's Handshake

I lie asleep, dreaming peacefully;

Cloudy shift… something new to see…

My happy scene shows new angles,

But no, not by the hands of angels.

The pretty field of flowers rearranges;

To a bloody red, the color changes.

Looking down watching myself now;

The red-stained axe thunders down…

Reality strikes, no longer a dream;

I erupt inside, but before I scream…

A tall cloaked figure appears in front of me;

His wispy hand reaches out deliberately.

He takes my hand, flesh and blood,

Into his, so cold and numb,

And plucks my soul from within my mind.

I watch as I leave my body, my hopes, my dreams behind…

With that he locks my soul up with a key,

And then takes the inner being of me…

From this dream, never will I wake,

‘Fore I have felt the Devil’s Hand Shake…


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