The Devil in You


5856 Saint Leonards Dr. Georgia
United States

I sleep next to the devil every night on the bed we share

Not for a moment did he ever show me that he cared

He whispers he does not want to be with me then burns me with shame

Still, I stay with the devil without any complaint


He crushes my dreams, breaks down my aspiration

Took my life into his hands and flatters me with temptation

He woos me with lies, scatters my mind with confusion

Picks at my soul and brings me down with frustration


He never one moment cared for the tears I shed

Most times I felt as if he rather me dead

He shows no emotion or love towards me

He bullies me to make sure I am unhappy


Most days I wish to die or disappear

But what makes me believe that he would care.

Oh, devil why do you hate who I am

I am only me, a simple woman


You glorify yourself as if I should bow to you

Condemning me like you always do

No peaceful thoughts, just your lingering lies

Did not know you were the devil until God opened my eyes.

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I wrote this Poem because you makes me feel like a used up toilet tissue

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