The Devil Made Me Do It

She regretted her decision
Wanted to crawl away and disappear
But she had done the unthinkable
She had done an evil deed

Dark voices in her head
For they spoke words of pure evil
She didn't know how to stop them
Suicide crossed her mind
But her heart didn't let her succumb

She had to obey
For they wouldn't let her be
She knew she had to do it
Before the voices killed her

She stared at the blood-stained blade of the butcher knife
She couldn't recognize the face staring back at her
A face gaunt and pale
Blood red eyes that looked demonic
And lips that curled into an evil sneer

Dropping the knife, she let out a scream
The lifeless bodies that were once her parents
Disappeared into darkness
And then the voices came back

She dropped to her knees and cried
The voices told her to do one last deed
So she picked up the knife with a shaky hand
And slit her own throat
Nevermore did the voices torture her...


This poem is about: 
Our world


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