Devil in Disguise and Angel Eyes

He kisses me,

Venom escapes him,

And he becomes what he has always been,

A snake.

Hissing promises of forever in my ear,

“I will sss-tay.”

His yellowed eyes stare into my soul,

Stripping its worth.

I am nothing.


I wake up.


He drinks tonight,

A bad day's solution,

Liquor licks his lips 'till the next eruption,

A drunk.

Slurring curses at me for I have failed him again,

"You are sss-tupid."

His drunken fists rage against my face.

Bruising its beauty.

I am nothing.


I pack up.


He loves me,

Another man that is,

Kneeling down asking for me and marriage,

A groom.

Building me up to reach the light he sees me in,

"You are stunning."

His good intentions patch my wounded heart.

Healing my hurt.

I am something.


I grow up.


He talks to me,

Sweet speech replaces shouts,

Gentle hands for holding not harming,

A man.

Talking about how we can continue to grow,

"You are soaring."

His genuine love used only correctly.

Making us last.

We are everything.


I back up...

And see this is true love.









This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world
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