By: Catera Hubert
Disrespect, Poverty
Lonely and Lost
Wannabes, Dreamers
Rappers and Singers
Offices for the poor
Whimsical Medicine provided
By Ignorance
Rainbow walker and Mate
Mischief where the kids skate
Ask me how I know
Almost like the Grapevine
Things get around
To every town
My city is corrupt
My city is lost
My city is a damsel in distress
Things I asked
Things you said
Neither true
Alas, it's the people
The people who live
Living in this humble abode
Am I proud
Proud of my city
Yes, For standing out
And not breaking all together
Am I proud
Proud of my people
No answer is clear
Everyone is not at fault
Some aren't even here
Painted ladies of lust
Men leaders of power
The Devil plans to take over
My City of Detroit
Will Not Bow!



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