Detest the Norm

i'm hungry

hungry enough to eat a horse or a bull 

or my own intelligence

In the favor of the norm

Pop cultural conglomerates

broadcast the monetary fervor with ignorance

no no i can't

I won't!

Fiscal necessity circulates the body and back to the brain

like blood

Thus replacing such natural instance with extrinsic persuasion

Live freely as the automatons do

the ones that eradicate values and morals for greed

the ones that cherish the glimmer of a match

interim smiles fill the void of their souls

no no I won't lose this battle

I'll become what they can't

my own individual prospect of escape

Potentially the light that exceeds the dark anullment of pop culture

Stars, nature, energy

I'd like to understand you 

bestow upon me the honors of your wisdom

Teach me the ways of your material functions

Your phsyics your anatomical structure

I'd like to become more aquainted with your words

One job cannot fit this role

I'll grow more arms and eyes if needed

To be able to comprehend your fervor

stars, nature, and energy

All of you are different but the same

A homoegenous mixture of beauty

You paint life as the Impressionists once did

And you do it all together; Uniform

Energy provokes your visisbility, stars

Stars light up the sky with enigmatic masterpieces

Tell us your interpretations 

Nature why are you so alluring?

All three of these elements provoke mysery 

that is why I wish to speak with them









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