Determination, for my PARENTS (All Parents)

As I ruminate over everything my parents had done for me 

I declare in my thought, before it slips, it gets caught

I will repay them back for the hardwork they did so I can be here, now 

Just as they worked hard to pay bills when I was little 

I will go beyond the middle, and make sure they did not need to work when they are elderly

I am determined, like how a preacher is at a sermon, to struggle as they struggle to help me 

My parents, (like most parents), struggle to make sure their children is safe 

Bills and anxiety of not being able to pay

To making sure the children have food in their bellys

Parents work hard, and so should their children

You and me should work hard just as parents worked hard to get us where we are today

Our mothers and fathers make sure we are living, while some of us sit around and complain why we don't have the new Ipod. 

I used to complain about the stupuidist things 

Now I complain that why aren't parents being treated by their children as queens and kings?

I plea that you should be determined to pay back your parents for the struggle they went through for you

You should go to college, and graudate with the master's 

Get a good paying job, a job that pays so much that your parents have no need to work at an old age 

Your parents and my parents struggle should ignite the spark, that is determination,  and push you to beat the obstacles and repay them back for everything. 




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