The Destruction of a DREAM


Dont Call it a dream.

Dreams only occur in sleep.

Dreams are extraordinary treasures that not even the strongest force can grasp.

Dreams are for those who embody the strength to pursue goals but choose not to.

Dreams are a race that will never end even with a finish line present.

Dreams will never occur even with all the  zealousness one may have to pursue them.

Dreams not only damage but destroy your life.

Dreams are the diseases that kill a vulnerable body.

Dreams do not come true.

Dreams simply remain in your sleep.

Call them goals!

Goals that you wake you wake up every single day to get a step closer to.

Goals are NOT dreams, in the way that they can come true.

Goals are reachable even with the weakest grasp.

Goals are at the end of everyone's stepping stones.

Goals are the motivation, drive, and strive to achieve the impossible.

Goals are a babies first grasp at what they want.

Goals force one to consider them in every decision they make.

Dreams are only thought of in the laziness of incompetence and procrastination.

Dont call them DREAMS!

Call them GOALS!

dreams only occur in your sleep, while you wake up every day to get a step closer to your GOALS!






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