Robert Frost and Edgar Allen Po

Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou

Four great poets that inspired my soul


With Gold that can't stay and hearts that beat

To the strong black woman and tiger in me

It was clear to see that I was destined to be, a poet


What started in a classroom that led to an obsession,

Sparked the insanity of this passive aggressive message

With words like honey that cascade from my pen

With visions that come to me like a prophet with His men

It was clear I was destined to be a poet


To understand this Mania is to understand the Universe

Can't you see this destiny?


An infatuation that starts with paper and ends with pen

Where words of worlds collide in which I strive to believe in

I seek no fame, no accreditation

As humble as I can be, understand that this is true to me

I am destined to be a poet

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