Shredding the tail end on the cold, coarse cement as the back wheels began to roll, I let go with my left hand and stepped on with commitment and control. My mind exploded with danger and passion when my feet sunk in, as the life of the board let the adventure awaiting begin. I glided like a dragon through the piercing wind while the board beneath my feet breathed fire as the wheels roared against the street. Snapping the tail end along the griddled road and sliding my front foot up the board, I forced myself up above the ground and soared. I soared through the air above the earth as if time stops when the wheels aren't rolling for what they’re worth. As I fell back into the grey sea, I fell into a reality not determined yet to be. Gliding while the wheels rode once more, I felt still behind a disguised closed door. Though until our paths crossed, I soared and soared, as I rode into darkness and was almost lost.


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