Destined for Obscurity


United States
42° 16' 35.1444" N, 88° 12' 8.2368" W

At certain times
The human brain allows us to believe falsified things

It allows us to believe that
We might actually be superior to somebody else
Or perhaps we might be entitled
To something that we have done nothing to earn

But this is all lies
For there's nothing that makes up superior
Nor is there anything that makes us entitled to anything
You earn, you don't deserve
You work for, you don't get
Cynical mindset only leads to delusion

For at the end of the day
It doesn't matter who you are
Nor does it matter what you have done
Or what you have seen,

Merely, we are all destined for the same inevitable likeliness

We are all Destined for Obscurity


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