Destination: Suicide


underneath the night sky we lay

while she swallows pill after pill

downing them with the stolen jack daniel's

we're holding hands as the stars blink

as if warning us we're losing a friend

but as lovers we shun the outside world

only a few blocks down

she's locked herself in her room

a goodbye letter on the soft carpet

silently she finishes off her whiskey

swallows the last of the pills

too intoxicated to feel anything


yet we lay on the vivid green grass

exchanging kisses and body heat

completely unaware that she's passed out

on the same soft carpet we used to sit on

late at night, another drunken excursion

slurred words and music until the dawn

it was only yesterday when we said goodbye

little did we know it would be the last time

we would see you alive, eyes hiding sorrow

unaware that a week from now we would see

your lifeless body in a fancy casket

all dolled up like you have somewhere to go

everyone is shedding tears

but us, too full of guilt and shame

"if only we had stayed" embedded in our brains

our happiness out shined your pain

now here we are, unwilling to speak

to the unfamiliar people mourning


my eyes are now wide open

the girl in the casket was me

have i been blind all this time?

i have made my bed in the earth

replaying all the memories

remembering the warning sign

of the stars blinking nonstop

slipping out of reality to discover death

your love wasn't enough to save me

from the sadistic mind i possessed

now every day, rain or shine, you come by

to whisper sweet nothings at my headstone 


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