The Desperation of Unrequited Love

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A smile hinted at her lips

She watched her beloved from afar

He was in her thoughts, never ceasing

Should she dare be bold?

Should she let her secrets run free?

Yes, courage sweeps her away.

Maybe her passion would be mutual

She apporaches her darling silently

Love is bursting in her heart.

Here comes and angel,

A perfection she could never achieve.

Her beloved turns to the perfection;

He announces his love and runs to the angel

As the flawed lover stands by.

"I can never be what he desires

I can never be good enough

The divine creature stole him away

I shall try to be just as she."

She scrubs her face through her tears

Though the mirror never lies,

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 

And imperfection is just the same

She saw herself as valueless 

And tried to hide her shame

She pushed away food

'Til she remained but a corpse

Cosmetics were her only friend

They (in her eyes) made her closer to Angel

"Maybe I will catch his eye"

She donned the clothes of the harlot

And paraded herself 

With as much pride 

As a humiliated soul can own.

She did catch her lover's eye

Only as the physical can

He tossed her away from him

Repulsed by her

Her heart was shattered once again

Angel came and laughed

At the pitiful sight she swa

The Lonely Lover fell and wept unnoticed tears

She sat alone with only wind

To whisper words of hate

Angel came back

With a knife on a string.

She let it sway in Unloved's face

Unloved reached out of desperation

Clutching her only friend

She took the blade

And severed her last words...

"...I love you my dear..."



A poem of unrequited love was requested by a dear friend, and this is what I wrote. I penned this very honestly and it really is more my story than hers. The words came when she made her request. I hope you enjoy it. It's an old poem of mine, so it isn't very good. Please comment. I'd love to hear some opinions.


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