We run to the

Lies that tell us

Everything’s gonna be alright

If we use them


And that sounds stupid

But us teenagers

We don’t really have much foresight

But we know what’s wrong and what’s right.


And everyday we have to fight

With ourselves

And that’s not right.


And partly we’re

Victims of our own minds

But we’re just looking for something

To hide behind.


And we feel like we’re running out of time, already.


Even though we’re only teenagers, heck, we’re still kids.


But we’re running out of time

To live what people say are the

Best days of our lives.


And when you’re running out of time

You’re going to be desperate

You’re going to try everything

Because you’re not going to get the experience again


You won’t get it with the same eyes

So why not try some paradise?

We’re running out of time,

But we’re not.


That’s what the world wants us to believe.


Drinking up our time

Of young wild and free

Because we’re desperate.

And that’s the part we mean

When we say adults ‘just don’t understand’.


And slam the door.


Let me give you an encore,

We are not running out of time.

And it’s time we finally stopped

Drinking up the lies.

It’s time.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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