Despair of a Student


I’m more than a GPA,

More than a letter grade,

More than a SAT score,

More than a 500 word essay.

Nothing will be able to describe who I am

No college essays will tell you

That I love stargazing

Watching the distant worlds shimmer and shine,

That I love to run in the morning

My hair flowing with the gentle breeze,

That I come from a broken family

But hope to make a whole family of my own.

Where will you learn about the real me?

Not from the lies anyone can spin

About working for charity

And donating to the needy.

You can’t find real depth from an essay online

But you can in a living, breathing me

So let me show you what I’m worth

Instead of telling you what I could do.

Let me prove to you my inner beauty.

Let me show you the real me.


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