The Description of Pain (A Bullying Poem From Experience)

The minute I step in: All I see are eyes,
Eyes completely looking at me laughing and taunting me with hatred and despise,
The stressful look on my face wants to find somewhere to hide,
But my foot has already been placed on the ground and I feel nautious inside,
When I leave I hear laughter and my name multiple times and twisted up my course,
My name is someone else's mouth and my heart begins to fill with remorse,
Thinking about all the people that go through this everyday,
I pray that they make it through the day cause life, at times, can create a web of disarray,
The gossip and the lies they tell are twisted and rung out away from the truth,
It's so sad how this habit grows on from youth,
A little girl tortured by the jocks and the cheer team,
Sitting in the corning clenching down to her knee hopng to daydream,
The same girl gets up and walks home in tears, 
As she sees her mom, she relentlessly holds back her fears,
As she tries to start her next day fresh, 
She will never forget the degrading words of her classmates, their evil flesh,
The agony and pain of words cannot be removed from her brain, 
For the pain of her past and her present haunts her and drives her insane,
I will never forget that day I lost hope,
Cause my life fell off of a slope, 
My hope is only for people to stop putting others in pain, tears, and hurt,
Because in the end, all of us will be judged and turned back to dirt </3
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