Derranged Elelephant Man

Concealed in lies the truth is bitter and sweet

The gnarled mass of a truer me

Behind an appearence of success

Lies this monster to cause duress

Looking in the mirror appearing disfigured

Crooked eyes with one smaller one bigger

A nose hooked and large

Mouth stretched open so bizzare

Voices swirl whirl inside the brain

An elephant man derranged

They talk, whisper, and shout

I pray to God to blot them out

Scraping on the walls of my pysche they won't stop

Telling me things which I will speak not

A lost soul hungey and tired

Only wishing it was time to expire

There it is the elephant in the room

Let loose and set free from his tomb

Concealing this elephant man

Hiding him from all because they can't,

Understand or even empathize

Because the worl'ds cruel I must walk in disguise



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