Der Großmann


It watches from the forest.

Wearing suit and tie.

All the while watching you.

Not an ear or an eye.


Absent of face.

Present in mind.

Along his back

Tentacles you will find.


His arms are long.

With long legs he walks.

Bringing the screams of children.

Yet not once talks.


His popularity brings him.

Attracted by thought.

The more you see him.

The more you are sought.


While you lay in bed.

Paralyzed with fear.

You feel its presence.

The Tall Man is here.


You cough and cough.

You keep watch in case.

But you should know by now.

To him, this isn't a race.


He will follow,

Wherever you go.

He does this for fun.

Not for the show.


You can hear the footsteps

Wandering through your home.

All you can hear

Is a low, humming drone.


You cannot run.

You cannot hide.

Your only hope

Is suicide.


Your attempt at death has failed.

You shed a tear.

Not even death can save you.

The Slenderman is here.


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