Depression at your discretion

Tue, 12/11/2018 - 23:05 -- Jayna_J

Everyday I realize
Depression is selfish
All you can do is wallow in your self
You don't open your eyes
To realize that life's the prize
You rather cry yourself to sleep
Than think about the bright side
Forgetting that after the night
Comes the very bright light
The sun shines happier
Than a fan after a Mike Tyson fight
You don't have to roll a blunt
Or pop a bottle to feel relief
You make it up in your mind
That substance releases grief
Your emotions don't control you
You're the pilot You're the chief
But tell this to one trapped in their mind
They'll look at you in disbelief  
Since you'll never take the reins
In your mind it'll always rain
You think yourself into a hole
Which you like to call it pain
Not knowing that if you took control
There would be no one to blame
But since you rather feel the hurt
You're the one to shame
It's ongoing game
You can hop out the system
But you rather stay trapped
Than believe you're the one with the wisdom

~Dedicated to myself~




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