Depression is a killer

On the outside, I look happy, content, and pretty.

I act nice,caring,polite and sweet. But inside I feel empty.

I’m lost and confused. 

I don’t even want anyone to know that yet I want to express myself.

It’s like having a match in a dark room that has been filled with gasoline.

You want to see to get out but you don’t want things to explode. 

I wish I could just drop out from this planet and float in space.

But avoiding the issue won’t solve the problem.

The grounds I stand upon are shaky and fragile.

I think I might just fall through the cracks and break into millions of pieces.It’s not like this will be the first time this has happened to me.

I just want to start all over. A fresh new start but that won’t help because I can’t run from myself forever.


I'm so hopeless yet so full of life. 




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