Depression Hides

Damaged and broken
on the floor choking
As you walk by you 
can see it in her eyes
Displaced anger and 
your unsatisfied?
Can't you see the
way she stands? 
Knees shaking 
Voice cracking
Teeth shattering
Has she always 
been this way?
So out of touch 
with reality and
alone in her

Why when given a pen 
does she write down 
every thought that was
never spoken?

She could not be this sad
because she has no reason
to long for what can not easily 
be comprehended? Depression? 
Why does she pace the floor and
sway as she does when the music
starts to play and her thoughts give 
way to the option of creation and 
what do they call it? Dissociation? 
She could never have been the way
that she describes when her eyes are
open and hidden by lies. 
She is not okay, if only 
you knew, oh wait a
second, you do! 
I told you that 
night when
we had 
that big



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