Mon, 11/11/2013 - 14:53 -- Jasdyer

Depression! It's sad, scary, and it suck. Depression can be cause because either who have a sad mental issue such as Bipolar or DID. Bipolar is a disease of being happy one minuite and depressed the next and they could hurt themselves or other people if they don't have proper medicine. DID happens when you are rape at a young age such as 3-10 and they don't understand so their minds split. Because of this they have a hard time taking care of themselves, or if they have kids taking care of them. They might think on killing themselves because the alters might be so bad that they could hurt all the people this person cares about including themselfves and the kids. Depression can also be cause by being bullied at school. You see if you say the right bad things or do something to them that makes them so sad it could cause depression. But bulling is not just at school, also online. That is cyberbulling and that is more hurtful then saying to your face I thinik. And you can't tell anyone. That is what you would feel. The teachers don't help you because they don't see it, hell they don't want to see it. All they care about is getting paid to do anything. If I was a teacher I would make sure that all my students could talk to me and I would do something about it. I wont just talk to the bullies, I would suspand them for a week and if it countinue to go on I would expaired them. That is what I would do.

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