It’s in my head and driving me out of my mind.

It’s difficult to deal with and I’m overdosing on pills to heal it.

Falling in line and again I’m outta my mind… drown me back into my pile of pills I wanna dwell in it,

depression relapse do hell with it.

U count a 100 sheep to sleep I count my tears to sleep but nobody hears me weep and they say that my poems are too deep,

the very same poems about the promises they couldn’t keep.

Just dig my grave m done dealing with despondency, dejection n depression.

And u will see anxiety peeping out through the cracks of my character,

a character closely guarded by insecurities.

I’m killing myself on the inside n inside me there is this black hole eating up all of me

and so am I inside the darkest corner of even the most lit rooms.


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