Mon, 07/29/2019 - 17:26 -- Tamical


Dark like a alley with no lights 

Stuck on a one way street with no where to turn 

Deep like a 12 inch pool 

Drowning with no escape 

Gasping for air with no oxygen tank 


Are rocks attached to my ankles?


Just worries and fears 

Weighing me down like a pregnant woman’s stomach in her 8th trimester 

No where to turn 


on a one way street

God says he puts our tears into a bottle 

He must have my tears in so many bottles it can fill a huge pool 

Deep like a 12 inch pool

Drowning with no escape 

Plenty of sleepiness nights and melatonin 

Asking God forgiveness of my deadly sin

Just looking for the light within 

Bowling bowl coming down the alley and im the bowling pin

Knock me down, thats a strike 

but i aint winning Just A flower

 that wants to bloom but has no sunlight for photosynthesis

A car 

that wants to move but has no gas

A bird 

that wants to fly but losses its wings

A poet that 

has something to say but just can’t find the words 

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