When you feel so down and low


And you can't seem to reach the boat


That carries you to the other side of the chasm


When you haven't a Savior near


Cause you've pushed them away in fear


And the demons won't stop whispering in your ear


You are all alone


You are never going to make it








They won't go away


And you are so close to letting it all go


Because fighting seems to give no results


You want the blade over your skin


You want to let the pain out that you feel within


And you know it's just all wrong


It hurts so bad


Cause you don't know how to fix it


How to want to fix it


You swore years ago that you would never give up


And thinking this gives you just a tiny bit of hope


But there is a really long road ahead


And you're afraid you may not make it


But never give up


Hold onto that promise you made


Cause you can trust yourself


Try and stay strong


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