The night falls, 

In a heavy, suffocating cloak,

We are lost

The light for which you

pray for, 

flares once, then dies

taken by your depression


All hope flickers out, 

like a candle in the wind

your thoughts becoming unbearable

your light is gone

and now darkness takes over 


the glisten of the metal

as you place it on your skin 

it shines, bright, 

in such a dark situation. 


you press it,

a flow of crimson red

drops down your arm

and you wait, and wait

the feeling slowly numbing 


you yearn for more

so you take the metal

and you press it down

again, and again.


crimson red now coating your arm

and you grin, black lining your vision 

your dark thoughts take over

once more.


and you listen, you listen to the thoughts

they whispers things into your ears

and one final time

you press the metal down


dragging it down your arm

a trail of crimson flowing after it,

and then you fall

darkness taking over everything

and you go numb no more bad emotions

no more pain, you are happy.


your dark thoughts surround you, 


you are fallen. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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