Oh, the feeling of being trapped, 

there's no way out, is there?
No, I can't find a way.

I turn every direction, 
yet I can't seem to find an exit, 
I'm completely trapped. 

Some days, I see light emerge somewhere, 
but just fast as the light appears...
it disappears just as quickly. 

Where is the exit,
to freedom and life?
I want to be free...

Yet, there it is, 
the constant darkness, 
the constant pain and suffocation.

I'll never get out, never get free
my chest feels heavy, my head is throbbing, 
my breathing is shortening, my vision is swimming, 

All hope is gone, I'll forever be lost, 
swimming eternally in a bubble of darkness, 
No way out, no way out...

I'll truly and forever be alone.

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