I get up in the morning to look at my phone Laying in my bed still, wondering when I'll get home A whole school year goes by and I miss a lot of days You don't even know I feel buried in a grave The sadness deepens as I leave out the front door Heading to school feeling like I'm naïve and nothing more I sit in a class filled with students my age All I hear from them is they are getting good grades But me... I'm getting enough so I could pass Cause the thought of me failing that individual class, makes me cry  Makes me break down. Now I'm having thoughts of suicide I feel like I'm no better than what is before me Like everyone is advanced and I'm stuck in a trance doing the same old damn dance I'm falling  I'm 90 feet deep and I can't control it I'm trying to reach for your hand but as I go to grab it I fall again Back to the beginning, just a girl and a pen Another girl and a pen I'm no different I'm not enough so I make the world distant As I lay in my bed and think about the day I think about all the emotions I have to face It takes a lot to roll out of bed But you're not worried about that. Are you?  I'm not good enough to sit in your class I'm not good enough to let myself pass I'm tired of fighting but I'm scared to die The only reason I still haven't committed suicide I want to give up and let shit go I want to stop because to be honest I see no end goal I have no point in this place that's how I feel But everyone tells me otherwise shits so surreal They tell me that I'm beautiful And that I'm worth millions of things But you don't think about it because it's not happening to you I want to get out but I can't it's so soon  It's my comfort zone where I cry at night And the reason I am who I am as I stand in your site Now listen to me, I told you I don't feel good enough  Depression

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