Depression isn't like the monster under your bed, it's much more like shadow or your reflection, it knows your biggest fears, it knows you like the back of its hand, it knows what to tell you, what to repeat, what to scream at the top of its lungs and let it echo to have you cowering in a corner begging for death to sweep you up to his arms.
My depression replays it all like a black and white suspenseful horror film, it'll show me good moments and then the suspense piles up and it shows me the memories I've tried to forget but never leaves.My depression tries to make me believe that I'm dirty and nothing but an object or a sex toy.My depression is a monster, my darkest shadow that wants to kill the smallest bit of light I have.
Depression knows I'm scared of death, it knows I'm scared of being hurt by people, it knows that when I'm in love I'm scared to be abandoned, Depression is like my evil twin, it knows everything about me and uses it against me.


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