The clouds creep into my thoughts
As if they were a fleet of battleships 
Controlling the waters of my mind 
This new shore that they arrive on is a paradise home only to me. 


The once warm and tropical climate turns grey and humid
And my thoughts begin to wander.
The beauty of the land covered by  mist 
Shrouding the foliage and life in darkness. 
What once was vibrant and refreshing is now dull and draining.


The clouds do not leave. 
The inability to adapt to the armada that has penetrated the paradise causes a rotting.
A rotting that is not able to fully be fixed
Because before long the clouds have taken over.
There is no light peeking through.
No end to the raging storm.
No end to the crashing waves. 
The only end is of the life in what was once a paradise.


The clouds have covered the entirety of the land. 
The once expansive kingdom gone
Lost to the fog. 


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