It's the chemical creation that's emotionally fueled

And the tears behind clouded eyes

Unable to be loosed


It's killing yourself 

With the feelings of self-hatred


It's the darkness

That takes over your head

The horrible words that

Overpower everything else

You would rather be



I can't help 

The way I've been living

Or the horrible monster

That depression turns me into


I can't handle the anxiety

Riding on this creature's back


So I lie in bed

With no energy

Yet still fussing over all of the things

I know I must be



But I can't bring myself

To do Better

Or to "Hang On" anymore


I'm slipping and sliding

Into a bottomless 



People try to throw me ropes

But they slip right through my fingers

I've lost all of my Hope

The blackness has swallowed me whole


So, I give up! You win!

Dearest depression, I'll just

Give in

To your dangerous, alluring, killing embrace


Why can't you stop killing me yet!




why should i even stay alive anymore...


i could just end it all

with a dagger or a knife

i don't have a gun

but i have blood

and i would love to see it all pour out


so this is it

i give up 

it's through




abusive family


you've killed me


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