The Depraved Creature


The Depraved Creature

An ice cold wind stirs with death in the air
Pictures flash around the mind like blazes
There on the ground lies a girl filled with despair
The dark creature besides her gazes

The memories that into plunge her head burst into flames
The fire spreads all around her completely
Of all the people she knew, she was the one to blame
All the deception and punishment were done discreetly

The voices, the whispers in her head
Say opposing and inane things to split her apart
She yells out and sees the red
All of the words and events are tearing her heart

With all this agony, she prepares to scream
All of the encumbering evil was intertwined
Her eyes wide open, she sees that it’s a dream
Then she knew that all of this was in her mind

The pain never leaves to her dismay
She tries to run but she doesn’t go
The vision stays right on display
The air was filled with woe

All around her the sight went blurry
The thing inside of her was taking o’er
The creature was all but in a hurry
The last thing she heard was a mighty loud roar


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