I'm scared of independence

I'm scared to be on my own

I don't know how to function

I don't know how to know

I'm trapped in a reliance

A dependence on adults

I can't,

I won't,

I don't wanna be on my own.


Life is too hard

I have a feeling bills hurt

Car payments,


water and utilities

They all seem so far away to me,

but you push them closer.


You want me to break free

You want a life of your own

So you drag me with you

Because of your fear of being just one

You do not anticipate loneliness

Yet you strive for freedom

Loneliness and freedom are the same marathon you run.


I cannot push myself further

To exist only for you

It's hurting my studies and my personal view

You deserve the best

I want so much less

So love me,

So leave me,


You should be alone and free while I rely on dependency.

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