Departing noise


United States

Are you satisfied?  

Don't lie to me.
I can see the stains from tears on your cheeks. 
Can you still taste our memories with liquor on your teeth?
I think saw you walking alone on the streets.
I felt well knowing it wasn't me.
I poured your memories in the sea.
I saw blue currents, then grey waves, the salt frayed your color into patterns of hate.
But you don't care, your cigarette is burning and its getting late; 
Dump your ash in my mouth and I'll spit it back onto your plate.
You ate up anything that could numb your rage. 
But I do question the level of your persistency;
You always seemed to love the feeling of not walking straight. 
And when the morning breaks through your windowpane, 
Your regret won't seem to know your name,
but will know how to slip away. 
Your consonants and vowels sound no different now,
I guess your gold has rotted away.
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